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“Jim and Rebecca have changed the way we do business. Before we teamed up with them we tried various accounting methods and it was always chaotic. They have really helped us pull everything together and have streamlined it into a process that takes much less time…”

“I COULD NOT be as successful as I am today as a business owner without the help and guidance of Streamline Pros.  …I get to focus on my clients and making sure their experience is wonderful.  …I have never felt more confident running my own business and I never stop encouraging my self employed clients to seek help from Streamline Pros. At the end of the day, we became business owners to do what we love and this is as close to the best of both worlds as it gets! Streamline Pros is simply the best.”

“Jim and Rebecca have helped us in so many ways in both our business and personal lives. They have helped to bring back the balance of work/home life that often times gets lost as an entrepreneur. They take each client as a personal investment of their time and resources and really want you to succeed. …We would not be where we are today or on the path we are on for our future without them! We hope to have a long, prosperous relationship as well as friends in the business for years to come.  Thank you Streamline Pros!”

Services we offer

New Business Consulting

We love learning about your business while sharing our financial expertise to help you meet your business goals

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Prior Year Rebuilds

Companies that know that their books are not accurate should consider a “do over” especially if there’s a significant tax liability or if they’ve not maintained their books.

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Project Tracking

Project tracking allows a client to generate a Profit and Loss for each client job that they take on.

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Gusto Payroll

Services Partner

Gusto’s payroll platform is honestly one of the best out there for small businesses. Using this platform helps reduce payroll errors and the time spent on performing essential payroll functions

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Do the math.

Running a small business requires owners to spend valuable time managing accounting and administrative responsibilities


20% of small business owners said they spend 3 days or more per week on average, completing administrative tasks.

34 h

The average small business owner spends 33 hours and 50 minutes on administration, as opposed to only 8 hours and 50 minutes per month on new business development.

120 d

Administrative tasks account for about 5% of the total manpower in a small and medium-sized business on average, with 120 working days each year devoted to them.

Credit Card Merchant Accounts

Millions of small businesses use Intuit as their merchant service provider.  A merchant account enables businesses to take credit cards for customer purchases so they can speed up cash flow.

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Advanced Tax Strategies

Cloud accounting and app integration, two of the newest innovations in the accounting industry, are putting an end to limited access issues by allowing business owners to access their accounting system anywhere, anytime!

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Passion for Business

StreamLine Pros are more than just bookkeepers. Our goal is to form strong relationships with each client so they feel like we are more of a partner.

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Passion for Business

StreamLine Pros are more than just bookkeepers. Our goal is to form strong relationships with each client so they feel like we are more of a partner.

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