Advanced Tax Strategies

Cloud accounting and app integration, two of the newest innovations in the accounting industry, are putting an end to limited access issues by allowing business owners to access their accounting system anywhere, anytime!

How we deliver results

  • Identify the needs of your company
  • Create a custom plan tailored for your business
  •  Deliver results within plan and on time
  •  All at a FIXED cost!!
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“”Streamline Pro has been fantastic. We hired them to keep our books, switch to QBO, setup our payroll, and file our taxes…”

“…The kicker: we’re in a totally different part of the country—in a different time zone. Bottom Line: If you are looking for a fantastic company with a solid track record look no further. StreamLine Pros is it.”

S. Eyestone  • Eyestone Law Offices

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Advance Tax Strategy Features

If the tax set up is wrong when you formed the company – then you could be wasting tens of thousands of tax dollars per year – every year!

  • Was the corporate tax structure correctly selected when you formed the company?
  • Is the corporate tax structure best aligned with your personal interests?
  • Are you missing low hanging fruit – tax deductions?
  • Are you maximizing pushing corporate profits through to yourself personally?
  • What retirement vehicles are you currently deploying?

Most Popular App Categories

  • Payroll
  • AP – Payment Processing
  • Time Tracking
  • Merchant Services – Collect your $$$
  • Receipt Management
  • Document Management & Backup

Our Passion for Service

We enjoy working with a wide variety of service industry businesses, and providing solutions to their unique challenges and situations.

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