About Us

We offer something more than just Bookkeeping.  We are entrepreneurs to our core.  When we work on your books, we see more than just Chart of Accounts and Reconciliation Reports.  We see a living, breathing business entity.  Often we notice company structure and workflow issues that could save money or better yet…. the commodity of your time.  Business in general is what is exciting to us… not just bookkeeping.  Our goal is to make sure that you don’t think of us as merely your “bookkeeper” but a partner towards your absolute success.

Jim Spaak

I am the most passionate about having vision in business.  It’s about working smart not hard.    Having founded my first company in 2001, I understand what it means to literally start with a folding table and a couple of bucks.  As a Microsoft Certified network engineering firm, the company quickly grew from $0 to $500K.  This was an incredible education in all things administrative, payroll, bookkeeping, client relations and state & federal laws.  Today, that same company is operating under new ownership with 20+ employees.   In 2005 I married my wife Rebecca together we transitioned into lending, real estate ventures and having children.  Today I often find myself contracted to help develop performance measures that support a company’s strategic direction.  These things include structuring, implementation of operational best practices, tax planning, handbooks, and general business planning advice.  I work best when I am able to bring proficiency to both the bottom line and productivity.

Rebecca Spaak

 A self-employed business Entrepreneur since 1999 I understand the key elements to building and creating a progressive and secure business structure.   Once I was introduced to QuickBooks Online and started to understand the INCREDIBLE integration of an ecosystem containing HUNDREDS of Applications available to business owners… I was HOOKED.  I am an Advanced Certified ProAdvisior in QuickBooks Online.  My background highlights process flow and development.  I have personal experience and practical knowledge in the Industries of Banking, Lending, Year End Tax Preparation and Real Estate.  I enjoy working at putting easier processes together for your company.  If you are frustrated, intimidated or just plain reluctant to work on your books…. We could be a perfect fit!  My niche is working with QuickBooks Online version.  This allows me to focus on application integration for cutting edge bookkeeping.  Are you ready to convert to QBO today?